Who is Broadway?


"I'm just a guy from New York City that grew up loving pizza, Street Fighter 2, and Illmatic."

Broadway started out his career like most of us: as a fan.

As a kid he was obsessed with hip-hop and bought a couple of Technic 1200 turntables and some vinyl.  One was a record from the Brooklyn-based indie label Raw Shack Records.  There was a number on the record so he called it.  Next thing he knew, he was an intern there.  The label was home to underground rap legends J-Live and Mr. Complex, amongst others. He got the internship after buying a 12″ inch copy of J-Live’s “Bragging Writes” and calling the number on the record.

There he was influenced heavily by J-Live who would come to make a lasting impression on his as both friend and mentor.

Broadway attended college at Virginia Tech, in Blacksburg, VA. There he brought down his record collection and 2 twin Technics 1200 turntables from New York, DJ’ing in his spare time. He began making beats on Fruity Loops for a rap group at Virginia Tech called “Three Kings”, of which he was a member. After leaving Blacksburg to come back to New York City permanently, he continued to make beats recreationally on Fruity Loops for his friends until deciding to invest in an MPC drum machine. Following this, his production became more serious, and he began networking attending beat battles and music conferences, meeting engineers, A&R’s and fellow producers. 

He recorded two songs with Ras Kass for his project, EAT OR DIE (“Brainz In The Mud”, “Better”) which were his first placements with a major artist. Through connections, Broadway would come to meet Mike Heron, manager to Joell Ortiz and now Sr. A&R at Shady Records, whom would land him his first studio album placement on Ortiz’s studio album, FREE AGENT on Entertainment One Music. The song Joell and Broadway cut was “Good Man Is Gone”, a song which Joell has gone on record stating it as his “favorite and most important record on the album”, as it discusses friends whom Joell has lost due to passing over the years.

Broadway has since done work for Eminem and Shady Records scoring the theme and entire show for Eminem’s TOTAL SLAUGHTER Pay-Per-View event as well as worked with Wiz Khalifa’s Rostrum Records and Rick Ross’ Maybach Music Group

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