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This is some of Broadway’s production discography of work ranging from working with Eminem and Shady Records to score his Pay-Per-View event to doing tracks for legendary lyricists like Brooklyn’s Joell Ortiz and Los Angeles’ Ras Kass.  

JoELL ORTIZ - "Good man is gone"
[Produced By Broadway]

Eminem and shady records present
"TOTAL SLAUGHTER" (with Slaughterhouse)
[Produced By BROADWAY]

BOAZ - "Goodnight To The Bad Guy"
(feat. rockie fresh)
[Produced by broadway]

Ras Kass - "Brains In The Mud"
(feat. Da Ranjahs)
[Produced by broadway]

Ras Kass - "Better"
(feat. rockie fresh)
[Produced by broadway]

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